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Team Eloquence Application by Sepia-Zorua Team Eloquence Application by Sepia-Zorua
This team is a collaboration between :iconsepia-zorua: the artist and :iconwritercoda: the writer.

Team Eloquence Written Application-

  Okay so, finally the application for mine and Coda's collaboration team is UP! Okay, so me and Coda have discussed this team for the past few months and what I can tell you right now is that there's a lot planned and Coda's ideas are genious. Seriously, i'm excited about what this team is going to get up to. I cannot wait to illustrate Coda's writing. I do not have the same amazing talent in writing as Coda has so forgive me for my extremely boring description. Haaaaave you read Adrians? It's super good and makes mine look like a child wrote it. xD

  Anyway I promise I'll be able to convey Cinder better in drawing so please don't give up on this cute little mean zigzagoon because I have a lot planne dfor this gal and there's a lot of information I have to leave out for the sake of the story. Also please give :iconwritercoda: some support as they have really contributed to the storyline and have amazing ideas, just go watch them allready because if you havn't read there PMDU stories then you havn't lived!

Species: Sandshrew
Age: 21, I guess
Gender: Male
Moveset: Frustration, Dig, Sand Tomb, Fling

If you see someone tearing his newspaper in half for what looks like no good reason, that's probably Adrian. This twenty-something Sandshrew couldn't care less about the fog problem, or the golem's attack, or the city's overpopulation- in his own words, he's got his own shit to deal with.
He has terrible social skills, no real friends, and barely any patience for anything, but he's... err... dedicated, at least. He's never really had a steady job, but he calls himself a linguist.

Adrian was born in Andalusst City, with parents who were, well, a little distant. He spent most of his time exploring the city alone.
His interest in language sparked when he saw an old tapestry being sold at the marketplace, with strange inscriptions, almost like some kind of writing, all around its border. When he asked what they meant, he couldn't get a single person to give him a straight answer.
This pissed him off.
He started researching constantly, trying to get his hands on any piece of tapestry, pottery, or rock he could find- anything with anything on it that resembled writing. He developed a fascination with language in general, both written and spoken, and came to a few conclusions:
First of all, everyone in Andalusst spoke the same language, and no one seemed to notice. As they were coming from all over Parai, via the fog, this made no sense.
Secondly, in the past, there had been many written languages, but he couldn't find a correlation between them or a way to translate them. Most importantly, he couldn't find out why they weren't being used any longer. Languages don't just die out without a reason! 
Still, no one seemed to care. 

He was bullied pretty heavily through both elementary and high school, dropping out midway through his senior year to join the Researchers' guild. Still, even the Researchers didn't take him seriously, and he was finally kicked out for refusing to work in groups. After that, he tried working part-time at a few jobs, but could never hold his position for too long- until, after being fired from yet another cafe, he met Cinder.

Adrian isn't exactly the easiest guy to get along with. He's vocal, judgmental, and a little self-centered. If he sees anything that's off in any way, he'll immediately call the person on it. Language and grammar are particularly annoying to him- he'll get really irritated if someone says a word in the wrong context. For the love of God, don't say any big words around this guy if you don't know exactly what they mean. 
He's naturally distrusting of others- he's never really had anyone value his work, and he's still got some residual scars from the chronic bullying- but when he sees you aren't full of shit, he'll actually be very caring.
When he does open up a bit, he can be very thoughtful, considerate, and respectful- although he saves this side of himself for just a few people.

-He has no real friends, just a bunch of acquaintances that tolerate him. 

-He really has zero interest in money. If he isn't able to use an artifact- even if it's made of solid gold- he'll just hand it over.
-He never really considered the idea of having a relationship. His brain's basically full of languages, all the time.
-He is permanently banned from the Andalusst Public Library. Trust me on this one, you don't want to know why.

Species- Zigzagoon
Age- 22
Gender- Female
Orientation- Heterosexual
Moveset- Headbutt, Sand Attack, Substitute, Covet

  Personality Your first impression of Cinder would be a quiet, shy zigzagoon. couldn't be more wrong. Cinder has poke'mon under her thumb and if it means getting through the day without getting arrested then so be it. Her top priority is survival and when her safety is threatened she will take action. If there's a one in a chance oppurtunity she will take it and demand more. It's pretty obvious that her popularity isn't great, she has made more enemies then friends but she can see through poke'mon. Cinder can recognize the liars and frauds but fails to see the good in others. Allthough it seems as though Cinder would rather people stay away she is comfortable being alone but still gets lonely. She is happy to keep one person around her but is too stubborn to admit she needs company.


  Brought up as the oldest sibling in a poor family caused Cinder to take on more responsabilities  than normal. She was depended on for the survival of the family. Her mother and father ran a medicine business but the costs of finding rare medicines was greater than what they were earning and Cinder fell to stealing in order to survive. She provided for them through various means and learned ways to of survival to keep her family healthy.

 Cinder's relationships with others her age were rocky and often ended in backstabbing and grudges. She began to detect the bad in people and was able to protect herself from them by secluding herself away from others and focusing on her family. Sadly one day she was wounded badly by a rare contagious desease which causes slow and painful burn marks on her skin. This disease will spread slowly but will eventually kill her if a cure isn't found soon. Her family were able to wrap her arm in red bandages (the symbol for the linoone generation) but nothing more could be done so she left her family and home in search for a cure.

 Having searched for months with no luck she became more desperate, the cure was rare and expensive, her only hope was buying the cure. She now relies on stealing, trading and manipulating people into giving her money.

Cameos?- Yes offcourse! We'll love to see them so remember to link them to us if you can. ;)
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cailas-moon Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Quick note: Please change the date to the day the team was submitted to the group, link your partner's written app in the description, and change Adrian's stat total to "points remaining" out of 10. Thank you!
Sepia-Zorua Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for the reminder! I've edited everything you've mentioned. Good luck with the judging. :)
greg11922 Featured By Owner May 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
They seem pretty cool. Sorry I haven't commented in a while. I started making art for a different group and I lost motivation to mess around with PMDu.
Sepia-Zorua Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Nah, that's absolutely fine! Thanks for commenting anyhow. :)
greg11922 Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
How is the group going? I've kept up with the errands but I really haven't done anything else but look.
Sepia-Zorua Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Actually everyone is quite excited because the 1st task is very close and things are going quicker. Chilly has produced a comic about the Sceptile from a previous task, it's a really great read and you get to witness Chilly's awesome action scene skills...the comic is called Foreign Shadows and here's the fist page.…

Also the epilogue has been released! Not only does it have amazing full coloured artwork by chilly but it also has an amazing story along with it by :iconluvaci:. It is told from the point of view from Kara and really makes you like her. There's two parts.

part one-…

 So i'll leave these here in case you suddenly have the urge to catch up. Really though, the admins are amazing and are working really hard.
greg11922 Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think that the admins don't work hard. That's a given, it's just been slow and I've had a lot of business in another group. I may just get to reading those soon though.
UltimateSassMaster Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Sepia-Zorua Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you Sass! ^^
SpaceTimeWolf Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love their app art! They also seem like very interesting characters. Cinder somehow reminds me a little of where the wild things are.
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